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Comedy Memes

🤣🤣🤣 Have a superb day.

5 Guaranteed Secrets To Have Bigger Hip & Butt in 14 Days

Do you want that banging body so badly you've tried so many things and got little or no result? If you are looking to get a nicely toned bigger hip and butt, then this E-Book is for you.  I use to be on the flat side. Amongst my click of friends, I was the slimmest, smallest, and slightly *curveless making me the least curvy one (it wasn't really a beautiful place to be😪). I wanted those curves so my clothes can fit so well and sometimes to feel good when I look at yourself in the mirror.  I didn't want to go through surgery, it looked so scary. Even worse, after reading on it and the after effects. Butt Injections and pills were definitely out of it!😱  A lot of businesses came with various creams and oils but eventually I ended up wasting my hard earned money. If this is your story too or something similar or just maybe you want to touch up a bit then be glad because I didn't give up. I read and read and read...until I discovered these secrets which I shared in this

Where are you in this picture as a young lady ?

Well, I'm in between the 2nd and 3rd but as I'm planning to travel for my masters degree in Canada, relationship isn't one of my worries.  Hey Prima Slayer Woman, where are you in this picture? 

Style Inspiration

Oh well, it's my Palazzo trouser made me realise the importanceof good styling.  I like that she could combine the long shirt with the trouser. Not everyone could pull that off... for some, a complete fashion disaster. @Sandrauchemba What do you think?

See this Irresistible Dish

Food wey go Harvard.  This is the kind of food some people will sell their birth right for🤣🤣🤣 Now I feel like eating this food badly but I'm so lazy to cook. People that take their time to cook something delicious and sumptuous like this,  abeg how do you prepare your mindset? Cos small Noodle I'll prepare, I'll be breathing like I've prepared food for the whole country. Lol That said, what are you having for lunch?