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Importance of a Business Target Persona

The target audience, also known as the target, is the group of people to whom a brand, product or campaign is directed. In other words, they are people who are looking for what a company offers, which is why they are more inclined to reach a commercial agreement.     All marketing action must be directed to a target audience. If not, instead of strategy, we would be talking about a set of steps without a specific purpose. This brings us to the subject matter Product Target Persona. You can define the appropriate target for a Business/Product or Campaign by following these steps:   1) Establish a target market: To group the members of a community and establish a target market, the following criteria can be used:   Socio-demographic : Variables such as sex, age, position in the family, educational level, among others, are used.   Socio-economic : The level of income is mainly considered.   Psychographic : The personality, lifestyle and value system of consumers